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    • Wed, May 25, 2022
    • 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Webinar

    Easy & Effective
    Marketing Strategies for Your Firm

    Sabrina Bier &  Jayne Corcoran
    Proper Title

    MCLE approved for 1-hour credit
    Professional Responsibility: Professionalism approval pending

    Registration is Free for IRELA Members
    Non-Members ~ $50

    Sabrina Bier and Jayne Corcoran will take you through the overall branding process, how to establish your online presence, managing customer relations, exploring options for outreach and finding what works for you, strategic social media use, executing your marketing plan, and ethics considerations.

    Jayne Corcoran

    Marketing Director


    As the Marketing Director at Proper Title, Jayne collaborates with the sales, operations and escrow teams to highlight the many benefits of closing with Proper Title. Through strategic advertising, email marketing, public relations, and social media she helps grow awareness about Proper Title’s unique customer centric approach to client service and retention. 


    Jayne joined Proper Title in 2017. The move to Proper Title was an easy one for her, after experiencing the culture at Proper Title, she knew this company was different than the industry norm. Proper Title is an exceptional choice for Chicagoland attorneys, brokers, lenders and commercial clients. Helping cultivate the brand, sharing the opportunities that Proper Title offers clients and assisting in growing the agencies foot print is a great experience.


    Prior to joining Proper Title, Jayne had over twenty years of real estate marketing experience. She worked with one of Chicagolands’s top brokerages and helped to grow the corporate brand of the firm and also collaborated with top real estate brokers to create their own unique brand while utilizing the firm’s award-winning marketing programs.  Jayne currently lives in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood with her family. She is a graduate of St. Norbert college with a degree in graphic communications and a minor in advertising from Bond University. Jayne sits on the board of BAPA, a non-profit community organization serving the residents of Chicago’s Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood.

    Sabrina Bier

    Director of Digital Media + Education


    As the Director of Digital Media + Education at Proper Title, Sabrina bridges the gap between attorney agents/real estate agents and title insurance through education and digital media.


    The Proper Title team and clients often say, “Sabrina speaks and thinks Realtor”. Sabrina crafts exceptional educational programs that speak to all real estate professionals. As both a licensed CE instructor and a CLE instructor, she creates weekly classes that consistently draw large attendees due to keen insight on crafting and cultivating valuable, relevant, and timely industry topics.  Education is only half of Sabrina’s role. She is also focused on instilling in her clients the importance of the art of networking and the use of easily implemented marketing skills. By mixing networking and marketing Sabrina is determined to help clients cultivate and retain relationships that will help their businesses grow. Sabrina maintains her message that marketing and networking success can only be met by mixing both “old school” and “new school” techniques and doing so consistently.


    Sabrina joined Proper Title in 2016 after a decade as a top-producing real estate agent in Chicago, ranking among the top 10 percent of approximately 11,000 agents. Sabrina was also a featured Realtor on HGTV’s House Hunters in 2016. She lives in Chicago and is passionate about helping those in need via her own non-profit, RE-CONNECT Chicago.

    • Wed, June 08, 2022
    • 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Webinar

    IRELA CLE Webinar

    Advanced Survey Analysis

    Dick Bales
    Proper Title

    MCLE approved for up to 1.25 credit hours General CLE
    Registration is Free for IRELA Members
    Non-Members ~ $50*

    Generally speaking, title company seminars on surveys are often limited to the various types of surveys, encroachments, and building line violations. “Advanced Survey Analysis” is a quantum leap forward. 

    Topics to be discussed are gaps and overlaps; the center of section problem; the apportionment rule; fences and the rectangular survey system; the basis of the bearing problem; legal descriptions and occupational evidence; and surveys of riparian (waterfront) property.

    An illustrated treatise on the subject, prepared exclusively for this presentation, will be distributed to all attendees.

    Richard F. Bales has worked in the title insurance industry since 1977. He took an early retirement in April of 2020 when he lost his job because of corporate pandemic downsizing. After several weeks of inactivity, however, he decided that he was not ready to retire, and when Proper Title offered him a job as an underwriter in its Naperville office, he accepted it.

    Dick is uniquely qualified to teach this course. He has worked with Illinois surveyors for almost 40 years. He is an honorary member of both the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors) surveyors associations. Since the late 1980s he has been an active member of the national committee that periodically reviews and revises the ALTA/NSPS land title survey standards.   

    When the local chapter of the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association was slated to host this year’s state convention, the chapter decided to honor Dick’s lifetime commitment to land surveyors by publishing a 533-page hardbound book that contains virtually all of his surveying-related articles. This book, Land Boundaries and Easements in Illinois, was given to all the surveyors who attended the conference.

    Dick is the author of the IICLE book, A Guide to Residential and Commercial Surveys in Illinois (2004). He has also written The Great Chicago Fire and the Myth of Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow (McFarland, 2002) and The Short Writings of Nelson Algren: A Study of His Stories, Essays, Articles, Reviews, Poems, and other Literature, which will be released by McFarland in the summer of 2022.

    *Become an IRELA member here:

    • Mon, June 13, 2022
    • 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Webinar

    The New Real  Property Disclosure Act 

    presented by 

    Dan Greenberg

    MCLE approved for 1.5-hour credit

    Registration is Free for IRELA Members

    Non-Members ~ $50

    Pursuant to the Illinois Real Property Disclosure Act, a sale of residential real estate is supposed to start with the seller providing a disclosure report to the buyer, prior to the parties entering into a contract.  The Act delineates who is a seller, which sellers are required to disclose, and what and when a seller must disclose to a prospective buyer.  Overall, the Act has served well since it became law in 1994.  However, since its enactment over a quarter of a century ago, much has changed in the practice of real estate and related areas of law.  Until now, there had not been any comprehensive review or update of the Disclosure Act, though it was seriously needed.

    Seeing the need, IRELA undertook reviewing the entire Disclosure Act, debating its provisions and drafting amendments to modernize it, to alleviate confusing provisions and misinterpretations thereof, and to clarify its requirements.  The IRELA committee, was chaired by Dan Greenberg and consisted of members Marc Blumenthal, Karen Patterson, Michael Rooney, and Colleen Sahlas, with occasional input, inspiration, and direction from John O’Brien, and in the legislative process itself from Jay Curtis.  The committee spent many hours over a good number of months reviewing, discussing, and debating the entire act and its provisions, resulting in HB 4322.  That bill passed the House 111-0, the Senate 53-0, and was signed into law by the Governor on May 13, 2022, as P.A. 102-765.   

    IRELA endeavored to reasonably protect buyers, to facilitate real estate practice, and to alleviate the proliferation of attorney review changes related to the Act.  While working within the framework and intent of the original act, these new amendments bring much more clarity to the Act, as well as some new additions.  This course will delve into how those amendments affect every day real estate practice and the clients we represent.


    Dan Greenberg has been an Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association (IRELA) board member for many years, spending many hours participating in the 4.0 and 5.0 contract drafting committees and other endeavors to improve the practice of real estate.  In February, 2020, he presented a CLE seminar for IRELA on the Illinois Real Property Disclosure Act.  In preparing for that presentation, Dan noticed some shortcomings and confusing provisions in the Act.  After his IRELA presentation, he received numerous further inquiries from other practitioners pointing to the need for additional revisions to the Act. 

    To attempt to clarify confusing provisions, to remedy some of the Act’s shortcomings, and to appropriately update the act commensurate with current real estate practice, Dan volunteered to chair an IRELA committee to draft amendments to the Disclosure Act.  The committee spent many hours over a good number of months reviewing, discussing, and debating the entire Act and its provisions, resulting in HB 4322.  That bill passed the House 111-0, the Senate 53-0, and was signed into law by the Governor on May 13, 2022, as P.A. 102-765.

    Dan has been a real estate practitioner in the south suburbs for 40 years.  Shortly after opening his own firm in 1981, inflation and mortgage rates escalated to all time highs, requiring him to quickly learn real estate in the trenches, including more unusual transactions such as rent with option to buy, assumptions, and Articles of Agreement.  In the Fall of 2019, Dan semi-retired and turned over his real estate practice to his daughter, Stephanie Greenberg, and her law partner, Michelle Sinkovits, and is now of counsel to their firm, Greenberg & Sinkovits, LLC, in Homewood.  He enjoys watching the next generation step up and move the practice of real estate law into the future.  Dan further enjoyed participating to bring some of the future of real estate practice to the next generation with the passage of this new update to the Disclosure Act.

    • Wed, July 13, 2022
    • 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Webinar

    IRELA CLE Webinar


    Tom Cronkright & Matt Kilmartin


    MCLE approved for 1-hour general credit
    Registration is Free for IRELA Members 
    Non-Members* ~ $50

    Thomas W. Cronkright II 

    Co-Founder & CEO, CertifID Co-Owner & CEO, Sun Title 

    Tom is the co-founder of CertifID, a digital solution that provides money transfer protection for all participants in real estate transactions by insuring each wire transfer up to $1Mil. 

    He is also the CEO of Sun Title, one of the largest commercial and residential title agencies in Michigan. Tom is a licensed attorney, wire fraud victim and thought leader on BEC and wire fraud prevention. 

    Matt Kilmartin
    VP Sales, CertifID

    Matt has a wealth of experience bringing disruptive technology solutions to market in the automotive, marketing software and real estate industries. He works with title companies and law firms across the country to help understand their processes and advise on best practices for the safe transfer of funds. This work also brings him onto the frontlines of fighting cyber fraud, assisting victims with recovery efforts in partnership with federal law enforcement.

    MCLE PCAM 503917

    *Non-member registrants wishing to become first-time IRELA members within 30 days of this event should email to request that this registration fee be applied against new membership dues. 

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